Description of the project

Against the background of a high number of drop-outs in training and increasing youth unemployment which is attributed to a lack of competences among the actors of vocational orientation due to the rapid change in the working world, the quality of vocational orientation in Europe is to be improved by means of the developed products within the scope of the project "BOQua". In addition, the project contributes to making the implementation of vocational orientation at schools, consultative institutions and within the framework of open youth work Europe-wide more comparable by means of a uniform qualification. At the same time across borders, the transparency of vocational orientation is promoted. Thus, training companies which often complain about a bad professional guidance and counselling of young people at the interface to the working life are given the opportunity to assess vocational orientation measures and activities. These are carried out before starting vocational training (apprenticeship) in order to support an easier acquisition of vocationally well-oriented trainees from other EU countries.

Within the framework of the project "BOQua", a European qualification concept "specialist for vocational orientation" will be developed under the direction of the Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd together with four European project partners from Austria, UK, Spain and Slovenia.

In addition to the young people whose job selection process is to be improved also the training companies, especially the professional staff (e. g. teachers, professional advisors, social workers), profit from the project results. The specialists’ know-how, skills and competences will be promoted and improved by the newly developed qualification and the complementary educational products. In particular, their knowledge about different vocational orientation methods, measures and activities, as well as the requirements for future skilled workers should be promoted in the context of the change in the working world. Thus their professionalism will be improved.

Besides the European qualification concept "specialist for vocational orientation", quality standards will be developed for the purpose of better comparability as well as five further training modules with a focus on different professional fields. These modules should be tested in a pilot phase.

Furthermore a good practice guideline for the implementation of vocational orientation measures as well as an assessment instrument for companies and a guideline for a sustainable implementation of the newly developed qualification in the EU will be created.

All products and further materials, tools and instruments for the implementation of vocational orientation measures can be downloaded for the transfer on this website.



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