Project Implementation

All products of the Erasmus+ project „BOQua“ are developed under the direction of the “Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd” together with four European project partners from Austria, UK, Spain and Slovenia. The qualification concept is based on a country-specific analysis of good practice examples with regard to the implementation of successful vocational orientation measures and activities as well as case studies with the implementing staff of vocational orientation and advisors like teachers, social pedagogues, training experts and specialists in youth work.


Furthermore the developed training modules for five different professional fields are tested in a pilot phase to ensure that the implementation is sustainable and possible. The developed assessment instrument for training companies should also be evaluated by the beneficiaries which are on the one hand enterprises, that use the assessment instrument to evaluate the vocational orientation process of potential apprentices and on the other hand the potential apprentices / trainees who can fill it in.


To ensure the sustainable use of the developed qualification concept and the five modules a guideline for implementation is created which includes different proposals for national implementation as well as for the implementation at EU-level. 

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