Project Objectives

Objectives of the project “BOQua digital”


The Erasmus+ project “BOQua digital” aims at the development and sustainable dissemination of demand-oriented, vocational field-specific qualification modules that highlight digitization and the associated new challenges in the world of work and professions and that are standardized across the EU for specialist of vocational orientation (e.g. teacher, social pedagogues, career counselors). The objective is to bring them up to date on the current state of knowledge about jobs of the future, the effects of increasing digitization on professions and their challenges and requirement profiles. Furthermore, should be ensured that numerous "apparently" unattractive professions, in which the influence of digitization cannot be recognized immediately, are brought into the focus of young people by up-to-date VO specialists. Also the objective is to find trainees for these professions and to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in various sectors (industrial-technical, handicraft, commercial and health care). 


In order to achieve the main objectives, in addition to the qualification modules, other products are being developed. Here are to be mentioned in total:


  • Five specific qualification modules for VO experts to impart knowledge with a focus on professional changes due to increasing digitization in numerous training professions, in order to be able to carry out vocational orientation in a more professional and future-oriented manner. The qualification modules focus on:

    • Digitized production professions (in the “industrial-technical field”)

    • Digitization in craft sector

    • Commercial professions in the change of digitization

    • Digitization in nursing and health professions 

    • Challenges of digitization for apprenticeships and professions

  • Five vocational field-specific VO measure concepts that take digitalization in the working / profession world into account in the fields:

    • Industrial-technical

    • Craft

    • Commercial

    • Nursing and healthcare

    • Environmental

  • Overview of EU core training professions and their challenges and requirements for trainees / workers in relation to digitization.

  • Quality standards for the new VO measures to ensure the measure success

  • Assessment instrument to assess the success of a measure

  • Guideline for the implementation of the five qualification modules 


All these products are useful for the VO specialists to improve the advice and support processes in the vocational orientation and to improve the quality in their work as well as to update their knowledge. The products should be transparent and help to make vocational orientation more comparable. In order to achieve this, an extensive scientific investigation is carried out in all project partner countries. The products should contribute to inform young people correctly in the career choice process and with a focus on the future and the aim to avoid dropouts in training/apprenticeships. 

Objectives of the project “BOQua”


The Erasmus+ project “BOQua“ aims at the development of a new and Europe-wide uniform qualification concept for professionals who are active in the field of „vocational orientation“ (e. g. teachers, social pedagogues, professional advisers). Furthermore five further training modules with a focus on different professional fields as well as supplementary products are developed.

The objective is the development of following products:

  • A unified European qualification concept “specialist for vocational orientation“
  • Five further training modules for specialists of vocational orientation:
  • For the field “industrial and technical professions“
  • For the field “professions in handicraft”
  • For the field “commercial professions“
  • For the field “service professions“
  • For the field “green professions“
  • Quality standards for the European qualification concept
  • A good practice guideline for the implementation of vocational orientation measures
  • An assessment instrument for companies to evaluate pre-activities
  • A proposal for implementation of the European qualification concept
  • A collection of useful materials, tools and instruments for vocational orientation


All these new products should contribute to improve the quality of the professionals’ work in the field of „vocational orientation“ and to make the experts’ qualification and the implementation of vocational orientation at schools, consulting institutions and within the framework of open youth work Europe-wide more comparable. Finally, training companies as well as young people who are looking for a training place and a profession (apprenticeship) should benefit from the projects’ products. The training companies should be put in a position to assess the done vocational orientation processes of potential trainees in a better way and to acquire vocationally well-oriented trainees. Furthermore the vocational orientation process should be improved to decrease the number of drop-outs in training due to a lack of vocational orientation.


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