In the following, numerous country-related links to vocational orientation or study orientation are listed for each partner country of the project "BOQua". For a better orientation for the users of the link list, the links are briefly described and the national language in which the respective content is written is mentioned.

It is a matter of different links to vocational orientation. The links include informational portals, databases, and descriptions of the use and implementation of different vocational orientation concepts, models, instruments and tools that are immediate can be applied by the beneficiaries. The access to the following links was made in March 2018.

Links from Germany

Example for an experience parcour for vocational orientation for pupils – detailed description (German)

German education server: i.a. collection of information instruments, tools and tests and internet portals for vocational choice (German, English)

Instrument for vocational orientation out of school in kind of vocational experience room - project description and implementation (German)

Description of the vocational orientation concept of girls’ and boys’ days (German)

Competence analysis instrument – description and implementation (German)

Testing method for young people to identify their core competencies and interests with the result of a differentiated personal profile (German, panned in English, French, Arabic, Persian, Turkish)

Competence analysis instrument with focus on mathematics, computer science, science and technology for high school graduates (German)

Online vocational test for searching the right vocational orientation – instrument for pupils of higher grades and information portal (German)

Online study test to identify whether a study makes sense and information portal (German)

Online self recognition program for pupils up to the 10th grade to identify vocational interest, personal strength and fitting vocational fields/professions (German)

Instrument theatre educational career choice training – short description (German)

Description of the institution “SchuleWirtschaft” and their tasks and offers in the field vocational orientation (e.g. vocational choice seal) (German, English)

Description of the vocational information centre of the Employment Agency for pupils, potential trainees and students (German, English, French)

Online searching instrument (database) of the Employment Agency for profession information, study fields etc (German)

Online video database for more than 350 training or study profession descriptions of different vocational fields (German, English)

Professional information fair for vocational orientation – example (German)

Concept of a vocational orientation office at schools - description and implementation (German)

Instrument for vocational orientation of pupils - description, implementation and use (German)

Guideline for implementation of pupil companies as an vocational orientation instrument (German)

Example for implementation of vocational choice lessons at general education schools (German)

Decision training for vocational and study orientation – concept, aims and information (German)

Decision training for vocational and study orientation – concept, aims and information (German)

List of descriptions of different projects for vocational orientation of the institution school-economy Baden-Württemberg (German)

Links from Austria

Career information, tips on career choice and job application, interest profile (self-assessment tool) etc. (German, English, Croatian, Serbian, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi)

Information on apprenticeships in Austria (German)

Information about professions, education and (further) training, vocational orientation, the application process, starting salaries, the labour market trends etc. (German)

Online information tool on qualification trends for the Austrian labour market (German)

Career information brochures (especially for Austria) (German)

Career information and brochures regarding vocational orientation, apprenticeships etc. (German)

Collection of materials for vocational orientation classes (German)

Online assessment tools regarding career choice (German)

Online video platform for vocational orientation with personal career information videos in the form of interviews (German)

Board game “Adventure Career Choice” (German)

Links from Slovenia

How to choose a study? - tips on career choice, career information of the Career centre Ljubljana (Slovenian)

“Kneet your career” - Online guideline how to make the career plan, how to apply for job, how to make good impression on job interview (Slovenian)

My choice” - Information about professions, education and (further) training, professions, schools (Slovenian)

“File of learing achievements” - Career planning to build career in most proper profession (Slovenian)

“e-Counselling”, self-cognition, interests, choose the right profession, how to find a job (Slovenian)

Page for pupils, with study calendar, important dates, registration procedure (Slovenian)

Call for enrolment with all important dates, examinations (Slovenian)

Study programs (Slovenian)

Where and how” – online program which recommend professions and helps (Slovenian)

Hollands Code career tests - description and implementation (English)

Links from UK

This is the policy used within Coleg y Cymoedd to support learners in careers advice and guidance - This the overarching policy for the college and currciulum. This is supported by a dedicated careers advisor in the college (English)

Individualised personal feed of opportunities for your life after school; live matches based on your qualifications, interests and aspirations. An app used for individuals to match their skills and personalities to potential job opportunities

Children independently have the opportunity expereince role play in different career pathways

Career Choices Dewis Gyrfa Ltd (CCDG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Welsh Government which was formed on 1 April 2013. Trading as Gyrfa Cymru Careers Wales, we provide the all age, independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance service for Wales.

Work-related education -This part of the course includes working with an employer and taking part in a team enterprise activity to help students understand how businesses work

Food standards agency Europe - The Food Standards Agency represents England, Wales and Northern Ireland on food safety and standards issues in the European Union (English)

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Cymru-Wales is a membership organisation for environmental health professionals living and working in Wales (English)

The National Caterers Association – to provide caterers with the information, systems and support to be safe, legal and profitable (English)

UK Hospitality association – providing a forum for leading businesses in the UK hospitality and tourism industry (English)

UK Government website – collates all government departments and many other agencies and public bodies. Here you can gain information on self-employments, requirements and standards (English)

UK governments website link for education (English)

TUCO is the leading professional membership body for ‘in house’ caterers operating in the higher and further education sector. Advancing the learning and developing of catering and hospitality teams, provide quality standards, advice and information to those working in the sector English)

National Association of Care Catering - member organisation, with a defined structure managed by an elected National Executive (English)

Soil Association – UK’s leading food and farming charity and organic certification body (English)

The Caterer (previously the Caterer and Hotelkeeper) is the leading multimedia brand for the UK hospitality industry (English)

Caterer recruitment Ltd - recruits all disciplines at all levels exclusively for the Hospitality, Hotel Catering, Restaurant and Leisure Industries. Our Customers and clients range from private individuals to Blue Chip companies (English)

University of South Wales – Catering and Hospitality HE pathways (English)

Leiths school of food and wine – education within the catering profession(English)

Industry Insight, careers in hospitality (English)

TPP recruitment – job seekers in specialist sectors covering employers, temping, free services and CV uploading (English)

Trading as Gyrfa Cymru Careers Wales, we provide the all age, independent and impartial careers information, advice and guidance service for Wales (English)|000000_%2Bcatering%20%2Bjobs_262266992816_b_50323224126_kwd-493585168032__3pHJyaIY

Catering job search site – UK (English)

Online CV Builder providing templates and guidance (English)

Social media for business (English)

Links from Spain

European job mobility portal (26 European languages)

European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (26 European languages)

European skills passport (26 European languages)

Job offers in Spanish Employment website (Spanish, English, Catalan, Basque, Galician)

Non-sexist Vocational Orientation (Spanish)

Training and vocational pathways in Spain (includes links to Orientation websites of the different Autonomous Communities) (Spanish)

Online VET career choice in Spain (Spanish)

Foundation on Coordinated vocational orientation and youth employment (Spanish)

Information and guidance by the National Institute of Qualifications (including information on prior learning assessment and recognition) (Spanish, English)

Training offer by the Employment Service Official Agency in Navarra (Spanish)

Advises to succeed in a professional interview (Spanish, Catalan)

Answers to key questions in a professional interview (Spanish)

Tool for didactic and vocational orientation, and labour pathways (Spanish)

Chamber of Commerce in Navarra: Comprehensive program for qualification and employment (Spanish)

Youth entrepreneurship and employment strategy  by the Ministry of Employment. Different Programs (Spanish, Catalan, Galacian, Basque)

Good professional orientation practices. Includes references for students at risk of social exclusion, and several links (Spanish)

World Savings and Retail Banking Institute: help training citizens in savings and finances (English)

Promotion of solidarity and service-learning: Set of guides (Spanish, Basque)

 Online test about vocational interests and likings (Spanish)

Vocational orientation on a labour Exchange website (Spanish)

Information and vocational guidance official website in Navarra (Spanish)

National Career Guidance Policies in several countries (English, French)

Online courses for students, and workshops and short courses on vocational orientation for teachers (Spanish)

Educational orientation professionals website (Spanish)

Database with several links on educational orientation (Spanish)

Guidance in education (Spanish)

Annual Education Guidance meeting (Spanish)

Information, steps and real cases related to entrepreneurship (Spanish)

CV creation based on competences, through Cuvitt profile (Spanish, English)

Websites database classified in different types of choices. (Click in “Enter as guest”, “entrar como invitado”) (Spanish)

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